Variations of Video Poker

Since the inception of the first online casino video poker has gained popularity and grown from strength to strength. With the increasing number of online casinos there comes a greater number of software vendors . The software vendors are responsible for supplying the games to the various casinos. There are now dozens of different online software vendors ranging from the big players such as Playtech and Microgaming to the much smaller and independent operations you will find in countries like Sweden and Holland. Thanks to the increasing competition from all the software venders and independent casinos which one their own custom software there are not now dozens of different video poker variations. This page will walk you through the basic different games of video poker available today.

Multi-hand video poker allows you to play up to 100 hands at once. You are dealt your first five cards as usual and you get to choose your hold cards as you would on a standard game. The only difference being this and is replicated 100 times on your screen. Your hold cards are also replicated to those hundred other different hands. When you play your hand and the rest of your cards are dealt face stop this is of course copied across all your hands. This means you can hit very big hands more often but of course the payout will be much less as your cost per hand is diluted across 100 different payouts. This is a much lower variance form of video poker as your money lasts a lot longer.

Deuces and Joker wild is my favourite form. It allows you to hit big hands more often such as a wild royal flush. In this game deuces and Joker replace any other card in your hand to make the best possible hand. Obviously when you get dealt a wildcard you should immediately hold this card. wild royal flushes do not pay out as much as a natural and usually one pair or two per do not pay out this is obviously because you will hit more hands when you have wild cards. Big payouts usually happen in this game when you get dealt five wild cards which pays out more than a royal flush. This game is also available in multi-line format and due to the nature of this game you will hit a lot of big hands making it ideal for the recreational player

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