Options for Indonesians

In terms of population Indonesia is a huge country one of the biggest in the world. The economy is growing at an incredible pace and is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Indonesians love to gamble and have a long history of it but when it comes to online gambling things are a bit different. Although Indonesians do like to gamble online the government have made it quite difficult for locals to do it safely and securely. According to Price Waterhouse Coopers the estimated value of online gambling in Asia will grow to almost $100 billion and shows no sign of slowing down. Indonesia on the other hand seem to be slowing down in terms of growth. Football is especially popular in the country with thousands of people gambling on major international football tournaments especially Euro 2012 when the full scale of the Indonesian gambling industry came to light and the government stepped in to put stricter regulations on online gambling (according to odds junkie )

Due to the facts that Indonesia is a Islam state religious restrictions make it difficult for a lot of people to play online. Despite the government crackdown online casinos are still very popular but sports betting is by far the biggest game. Illicit and small sports books operates around the country but they cannot compared to the online options. For those in Indonesia who  are looking to play online we recommend an account at 365Bet. They are one of the most respectable online casino and sports books in the world. They have a reputation of accepting players from almost every country. Whereas many sports books will accept players from a grey or black market area and will frequently one-off with their money without paying the players 365Bet have proven themselves to be reliable and trustworthy paying out millions of dollars to players from Indonesia.

Sites like 365Bet are the only viable option for Indonesians to play online. Despite the best efforts from the government to block such sites many people are able to access the site however the restrictions put in place by the government haven’t exactly worked out very well. The government use IP blocking which is ineffective and still allows players to access big sites. The only option for legal online gambling is a state-run lottery which is incredibly bad value for money is only 50% goes into the prize pool.

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