Choosing a Video Poker Site

There are several things you should take into account when signing up for a new casino site. First of all ensure they are fully licensed and regulated in your region. This is much easier if you are based in the UK. All UK facing sites must now be licensed by the UK gambling commission and the idea to strict regulations and controls. You can see a list of licenced sites on the gambling commission website. If you are based outside of the UK than there are many casino review sites which you can use to make an informed decision. One of my players so favourites is odds junkie which compare the best of the UK sports books and casinos. All of the sports books have a casino attached which offer video poker from various different software vendor’s.

For general video poker gambling I recommend bet365. They operate worldwide and accept customers from over 150 different countries. They have millions of active customers and during major football events such as the World Cup they are one of the few sites to remain stable and active. Bet365 have video poker from all the major suppliers such as Microgaming and netent well as Playtech. Microgaming is the best option for general video poker as they have many different variations including juices and Joker wild as well as multi-line video poker. They also feature progressive jackpot games which pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars for hitting a natural royal flush of a certain suit. Please bear in mind when you play a progressive video poker game to follow the rules as some of these games require you to bet the maximum possible coins per hand. If you hit a royal flush which qualifies the jackpot while only playing the minimum coins then you will not get the maximum jackpot payout. If you are unsure of what qualifies for a progressive jackpot hand you should always get in contact with the customer support. At bet365 this includes telephone and email support as well as live chat. They have a UK call centre and the reputation as being one of the most reliable and honest sites.

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