Welcome to Video Poker Guide! If you are an expert video poker player or you’ve never played before then hopefully this resource will guide you through the pros and cons to playing the beautiful game! For those who want to jump in and start playing we recommend an account at bet 365, you get to play dozens of variations of video poker from various top casino games vendors including NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech! New players get a huge welcome bonus worth up to £500 and for sports fans you can claim another £250 which is by far the most generous in the business.


Video Poker is a simply game popular in vegas and online it is generally considered to be medium to high variance depending on the format you play. The basic explanation of the game is you are dealt 5 cards face up, you can then discard as many or as few as you wish in order to make the best possible poker hand, the worst hand is a high card with the best being a royal flush. Over the years the game has evolved and we now have many different formats to keep us entertained such as wild cards (these replace any card in the deck to make the best hand) to multi line video poker allowing you to play 100+ hands in a single game!


thanks to the development of Internet based video poker we also have progressive jackpot games, in these games you contribute a small fee of every game you play to a central prize pool, this prize pool is shared between all relevant casinos online and grows over time, in order to hit the jackpot you usually have to hit a natural royal flush of a certain suit. When these progressive jackpots reach a certain amount it actually makes the game +EV to play (meaning in the long run the game is profitable for you to play!)